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Monday, July 26, 2010  ::  

I pray for my family Second Mile family consistently. I pray for authenticity, unity, and vulnerability among us. I pray that we will be very aware of what God is doing in our lives on a daily basis. I ask God to make us ready to engage in worshipping him together during our Sunday gatherings. Specific people from our church to pray for come to my mind on a regular basis. I love praying for my church family.

Last night I was allowed to see specific answers to my prayers. Four people stood and shared with us something God has been teaching them through the Acts series. The authenticity and vulnerability was rich. These four people shared tangible ways that God's word was alive and active in their lives. The stories were genuine. None of the sharers were trying to impress us, only to encourage and be part of a true community.

Musical worship was unified. People stood and sang... loudly! From the stage, which often feels terribly distant from my family, I could literally hear everyone raising their voices to the Most High God. It was a beautiful sound. Second Mile engaging in uninhibited worship will be a continual request I bring to God. Last night was a beautiful step in that direction.

I love my Second Mile family. Last night I was reminded of the specific reasons I love these people. I'm so thankful God has allowed me to be part of a wonderful, imperfect, continually growing community that seeks to love God and love people. My heart is full.

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Hux said...

From Dejah:
Beautifully sad Angel... I'm stoked to be following your blog. And by the way, Eric and I share this account and that's why it says "Hux" and has a pic of him. It's really me though... ;)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Last night's gathering was definitely saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit. So glad to worship with my Second Mile family!
BTW--- So glad you decided to take your blog public!! :)

Emily said...

I loved it as well. We should do that more often than when Chad goes out of town!

Stacy Patterson said...

Thanks for keeping me in the loop Angel! I enjoyed yesterday's opportunity to see the love of Jesus in Second Mile family members. The worship time was wonderful too. I look forward to joining Moxie in August. Until then, take good care.

wearitbaseball said...

The worship was amazing last night and I definitely noticed a very unified body (and it wasn't the 3-4 song format either).

Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability Angel!

PS: It wasn't "beautifully sad" at all. ;) (j/k Dejah)

Jen said...

I have officially become a blog follower and am so excited to add this one to my list. Last night was amazing, you could feel the unity for sure! The last two weeks have had great impact on my own reflection of Acts and encouraged me to take a deeper look at what God is doing in my own life. How inspiring to be surrounded by such great people! Love you so very much and thank you for sharing this with all of us.
Jen G.

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