Making Psalm 126 Personal

Thursday, August 12, 2010  ::  

The times that you've brought me out of captivity have been like a dream! Because of my new freedom I sang, laughed, danced. I was completely filled with joy. And, people noticed the great things you did for me!

You have done amazing things in my life and I am joyful!

Because I've tasted your goodness I am so ready for you to do it again.

God, bring your rain into my dry life.
Bring your rain into Second Mile.

As we sow tears of weariness, you promise that there will be shouts of joy in the harvest.
You will lift our heavy heart with laughing and blessing.

We wait for you on our knees with faith and patience. We desire to be good soil. We won't eat the seed and never sow it for harvest. We will sow your seed into our lives and we will reap bountiful loads of blessing.

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Sara said...

I really like that you are sharing these personal psalms. :) Thank you.

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