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I know. I've been the biggest blogging slacker on the planet this past month. There is a growing list of topics I hope to blog about rolling around in my brain. Tonight is not the night I plan on clicking the keyboard to post something fantastic for you to read. That will have to come another time.

  • Moxie ladies, I have a some great ideas rolling around in my head for the coming year. I'm So Excited!!
  • Our Christmas Cord of Hope outreach just happened. I have thoughts I hope to communicate.
  • Some good family stories should be documented on this blog.
  • Chad has been talking a lot about Second Mile cliff jumping that I'm hoping to write about.
Mostly I'm putting these topics out there as a form of accountability for me to actually write about something. To be honest, I thoroughly enjoy blogging. Communication is something I highly value. The challenge of clearly and purposefully stating my ideas, opinions, and stories excites me. So, I will get back on the band-wagon. I will stop being a slacker. I will discipline myself to write, write, write.

But maybe after Christmas... :)

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Anna said...

I'm looking forward to it!

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