Head Over Heals

Thursday, April 28, 2011  ::  

I had such great plans to write a follow-up blog to Cord of Hope in the beginning of this week.  Obviously, it didn't happen.... but it will! I promise.

I'm really loving this whole Embrace the Camera project.  I've never had so many pictures of myself and I just started a few weeks ago! You should all get in the game, and not just so you can post a cute picture of yourself (even though that part is kind of fun.) I know that so many of you document your life through photos, but is there proof that you are in said documented life?  Based on the jillions of pictures I've taken over the years, there is very little evidence that I've actually been around.  Change has begun... and I like it!

My friend, Tori, took these pictures of Chad and me on Easter.  We were giving her a hard time about not wanting to take our picture.  She kept saying that she only likes to take pictures of kids, but we posed so sweet that she couldn't resist.

Now aren't we just so cute??  

I've said all of this in a blog before, but I feel like it's time again.  I just really, really like Chad. He's such a great guy. He's funny, really intelligent, and even tempered. The way he can arrange and strategize amazes me.  He balances so many responsibilities, but he never neglects me or our kids.  I absolutely love being married to him. I'm so grateful that he lets me be me, that he encourages me to use my God-given gifts and strengths, that he does not flinch at my strong will and opinions, that he leads me with grace and kindness, that the way he treats me with dignity makes it a joy to submit to his authority over our family. Chad pursues Jesus with passion, discipline, and intensity. He loves deep conversation and deep laughter. He doesn't take himself too seriously, and he will think this blog post is silly. Almost 16 years of marriage has been a blessing to this amazing man. I am completely head over heals! 

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Bill the Pastor/Caddy said...

I can still remember my lecture to my two interns..."You guys are okay to date, but it better not get in the way of ministry. If you break up you are both stuck working in my youth ministry. You'll just have to deal with it!"

I guess I feel like I contributed a little to this great relationship! What would of happened if I made you break up?!

Alysa said...

Your marriage always inspires me Angel :) I love the camera project. I really need to start doing that. I have so many pictures, but not many with me in them.

Amber said...

You are a lovely couple!

Unknown said...

It's a nice touch that your and Chad's shirts match the color scheme of your blog. :)

aenglehart said...

David was so protective of Angel, it's a good thing he even let her date Chad!
You should see him now with poor Leah. Her prom date has to be interviewed by David on Sat. at the NMSU football field during a scrimage. Since he is the football chaplain, I hope he doesn't get some of the football players to intimidate this poor soul. The BSU students are going to be hard enough on him. :)

Danyelle said...

You can see in the first picture how much fun and love you guys share.

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