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Saturday, June 18, 2011  ::  

I fell off the planet socially this spring.  Baseball overtook the night life of the Haynes family because we spent three to four nights out of the week at the field. Most of the time I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Sometimes I missed having people over for dinner, going on dates, and just laying around watching mindless reality television. After sorting through some photos, I realized that every single minute was totally worth it.

Go Pirates!! 

Second place and happy

My awesome friends agreed to wear sweet pirate masks to support the team during the championship game. This is only half of the group. Sixteen pirate masks are quite noticeable in the stands of a little league game. Thanks, friends, for being such great sports and supporting Kyle! 

The starting line-up introductions. 

Kyle's favorite position is 2nd base.  And, he's a great hitter! (And I'm a dorky proud mom. I'll admit it!) 

Coach Dad and his mini-me  

I love this kid! 

Kyle loved this season so much that he's decided to skip out on football this fall and play baseball in the fall league. Chad and I are supportive, excited, and ready to coach/cheer him on to lots and lots of baseball fun! 

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Susie Bishara said...

I love these pictures!!! He really is a wonderful young man that I'm so blessed to have been getting close to this year! Excited for his middle school adventure and more baseball fun!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! We are so excited for Kyle...and we hope we'll be able to get Arizona to watch him play baseball!!
Way to go mom and dad/coach....
'baseball loving'
Grandpa and Grandma

Alysa said...

Yay Kyle! I love the pirate masks :)

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