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Saturday, July 30, 2011  ::  

Jamie has been a constant part of our lives for many years. It was such a joy to visit her, listen to her sweet language skills, watch her interact with the locals, and enjoy her wonderful hospitality. Thanks for hosting us, Jam! 

Esther dealt with jet lag with a little bit of whininess. Whenever she needed a break, she would just pop a squat and chill out. I'm sure Jamie isn't teasing her at all in this photo.  

Leaving Jamie's apartment to go explore on bikes. When Chad and I lived in China many years ago we went everywhere on our bicycles. Riding around brought back many great memories!  

Esther and a warm winter hat. Perfect for weather in the city we visited, not so much for Tucson. 

Yep, I made Esther try on lots of hats.  Doesn't she look good in this one? I really love this photo of the two of them.  

A minority people group in the city makes a very delicious naan bread. We watched for awhile. Mmmm, wish I could get some for dinner tonight! 

This is the oven used to bake the bread. Amazing. 

Sheep brains anyone?? 

Love this shot! We were getting ready to play ultimate frisbee. These precious girls were playing in the area of our game so I took the opportunity to snap a picture. 

Esther's most awkward cultural moment. Esther had a backache during the first part of our trip. This sweet college student decided to give her a back rub. I'm pretty sure it wasn't relaxing for her at all! She handled the situation with grace.

On our sweet rides! 

Tiananmen Square

Jamie and I on the Great Wall

Esther said it was too bad she wasn't taking her senior photos. Two things: 1. Senior photos in China would be pretty sweet. 2. I'm glad Esther isn't a senior yet.  

So beautiful!! 

The Bird's Nest is very cool in person. We loved visiting the olympic village. 

Inside the Bird's Nest. The jumbotrons were playing the opening ceremonies from 2008. I got chills several times. What a bummer for London to have to host after China! Good luck! 

Love both of these ladies so much!! 

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Anonymous said...

I just love all these photos! more more, please! and ester looks funny in that hot chetah hat!


Emily said...

Love the pics and love that you all had such a good time. Maybe you can go back right before Esther's senior year for senior photos...

Jen Griffith said...

Thank you for sharing your trip I'm loving getting a glimpse of it :) such beautiful pics!!

Baldfeather said...

Loved the squatting pic of Jamie and Esther. Esther should;ve reached back and tickled Jamie's right knee.

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