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Tuesday, September 13, 2011  ::  

This time of year my brain and heart are consumed with thoughts of Retreat de Moxie preparations. Each September I have the privilege/responsibility of leading about 40 women from our church during our annual retreat. I've been spending time in study and prayer thinking through what God would have me say to the women this year.

Thankfully, each session is coming along nicely. Excitement in my heart grows by the minute. Worshipping Jesus in the cool mountain air with 40 of my closest friends and then sharing the message God has laid on my heart is truly a beautiful experience. I can't wait!

Unfortunately, I just can't blog about deep things right now. When I sit down to share with you things that are on my heart retreat topics come to the surface. There is no way I'm going to put any spoilers on here! What fun would that be?

Because I know not all of you get to go on Retreat de Moxie with us next weekend, let me leave you with some encouragement....

Get involved in community! Attend a Bible study at your church. Call a woman you've wanted to get to know and ask her to coffee.  Be bold and courageous. Commit to a church, engage in what is going on, and connect with people in the community God has for you. It is easy to sit on the sidelines and ponder all of the "I wishes" that come to everyone's mind.

---I wish I had friends.
---I wish someone would call me.
---I wish I had more time.
---I wish I could be part of that group.
---I wish they knew my name.
---I wish I was braver in approaching people.
---I wish I belonged.

All of those statements are legitimate deep needs of the heart. We were created to be part of a community, but often we sit and hope for it to come to us. To be honest, I love to be invited, but if I'm only waiting on invitations, I'm going to be sitting at home most weekends. Let me encourage all of us, me included, to take initiative, be risk takers, turn off our computers and televisions, and hang out with some old and new friends.  Let us love and give as Christ has loved and given to us.

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Vivian said...

Very well said. It takes courage to not sit on the sidelines. But it can be so worth it. Love this post!

Breeann said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
You're so right...we do need to be risk takers sometimes and get out there and spend time with people we may not have spent time with in quite awhile.
I hope your retreat is amazing!

Erin Leigh said...

Even from 800 miles away, I am challenged. I've got my phone out as we speak :-) Thanks Angel

Unknown said...

thank you for saying people can hear it! as a pastors wife that is one of my biggest frustrations...the people that want but will not allow their needs to be met because they hide.

hope you have a great retreat!

Andy said...

Great post Angel!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing. There is so much truth in all you have shared. I know the ladies are gonna be blessed by what the Lord gives you to share.

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