Fall Frenzy

Friday, November 04, 2011  ::  

The Mastermind 

Preparing Team Flags. 

Morgan displaying her team purple strength.

Team Orange roaring out their battle cry.

Kyle performed all of his tasks on Carah. 
All of them.

Nicky leading her cute noodle train members

Tyala leading her cute noodle train. 

Yemi's best pumpkin face.

Esther joyfully receiving a shaving cream mohawk.

Owen wishing he wasn't stuck. Jen enjoying torturing Abby. Abby reluctantly brushing her teeth.  
Serious family fun. 

Team Orange Crushing Tigers!

Purple People Fighters!

Yellow Lightening! 

Thank you, team leaders, for giving up your Saturday to play with the kids of Second Mile. You bless our families more than you know! You're such a vital part of our church! Maybe God has given you the gift of getting messy with kids??

Tori, you led and served beautifully! Thanks for loving kids and coming up with creative ways to get so messy! 

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Susie Bishara said...

This post made me smile SO much! Thanks for letting us love your kids!


Alysa said...

I love this!!! What a fun idea :)

Erin Chute said...

Tori did such a fantastic job with this and I absolutely LOVED watching the kids get into being messy. They were such good sports! I just love all those kids SO much :)

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