Frilly Flowers

Tuesday, February 28, 2012  ::  

Do you remember when I wrote about planting flowers? Some of you know that I killed them two times. The second time I went to Lowes the cashier told me to keep the receipt and I could get my money back if it happened again. I explained to her that I didn't feel right about doing that because I'm a known plant murderer. She leaned towards me and with her strong out of place because I live in Tucson southern accent replied, "Honey, Lowes is a big enough corporation that they can afford to refund the cost of a few petunias. You bring those back if they die." My response? "Yes, ma'am."

So the flowers started out like this:  

Look what happened! They grew!

Apparently, the pink ones are very hardy and domineering. 

Some of you may be fantastic gardeners and know that growing petunias isn't actually that difficult, but for me, this is a big accomplishment. They smell amazing. The vibrant colors make me smile. People coming to my home are greeted with simple beauty. I love my flowers. Also, I love living in a place that I can grow flowers through the winter months. I didn't give up even though I killed two other batches. 

Don't give up! Flowers may be a cheesy example compared to the difficulties of life, but we can learn so many lessons throughout life if we will just pay attention. 

Don't give up. 


3 important comments so far. What are your thoughts? said...

LOL! I'm a plant killer also! So glad though they grew for you. Thank you for your thoughts today.

Anonymous said...

They are sooo beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them with know I love flowers. :)

Jelli said...

These look so pretty! Before my daughter was born I "adopted" a garden at my church and planted a few veggies. Needless to say, after the baby came, that garden quickly went downhill. I'd love to start again, but now we're moving. Hmmm. Someday soon. Thanks for sharing!

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