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Monday, September 10, 2012  ::  

There are over one hundred million blogs on the internet. Thankfully, I've found myself in a small little circle of bloggers that are fun, creative, and intelligent. One of these internet lovelies is ACUPPAKIM. She recently hosted her second mug swap with over 200 blog readers. Even though penpal-ish activities aren't really my "cuppa" I really wanted to participate. I'm so glad I did!

When I walked up to my door and saw a small little package smiling up at me, I knew instantly it was my new mug.  A complete stranger picked out the prettiest mug for me. What is so great is that I would have totally picked it out for myself, but never would have bought it because I rarely buy cute-for-no-reason-whatsoever stuff for myself. Thank you so much Ashley

Doesn't it look great in my hand? 

I also had fun picking out a mug for Megan. Thinking it would be a fairly easy process, I waited until the last minute to do my shopping. I carried around five mugs and finally forced myself to just choose! This sweet little daisy mug captured my attention. 

Tazo tea needed to be included because I'm not a fan of coffee. 

While packing it up I giggled at myself almost continuously because I'm just not crafty.  

I didn't want it to break and it looked very unstable in the box so I added some not so earth friendly styrofoam. The mess I made is very indicative of my real life. 

But, I didn't want my new mug friend to be greeted by ugly cut up styrofoam so I threw some festive ribbon on top. 

Whew. I'm dorky and I know it. Don't pity me.  

Thanks for hosting, Kim! It was great fun. You've inspired me for some great fun within my own community. 

Each year I'm blessed to lead the women of my church on a retreat to seek Jesus, laugh together, and get away from every day life. Every year each woman brings her own mug for coffee, tea, or chai. This year, I'm asking everyone to bring a new or vintage mug and we will spend an hour or so engaged in a white elephant type exchange. Won't that be wonderful? Don't judge me, but I've already bought three. I wonder which one I should use?! 

10 important comments so far. What are your thoughts?

{cuppakim} said...

ok first off. you are cute. and creative. and clever. love your packaging.

also. the mug you got is amazing.
the mug you sent. also amazing.

and this is the most PERFECT idea for the church retreat. seriously.
please blog about that i'm DYING to hear how it goes.
i bet the ladies are going to go bananas over it!

Laura said...

Hey, we got the same mug! fun :) And it's okay to be dorky, I totally embrace my inner dorkiness.

karamurano said...

I love the mug you got. & the one you sent!
totally not crafty either, pretty sure my packaging was lame but I did sent cute mugs :)

Anonymous said...

how fun!! i'm passing this on to our women's minster person... fun fun!! And YES, you are very creative and thoughtful too!
Ok..I can say that because I'm your mom and I'm suppose to say lots of 'atta girls' right?!? LOL :)

Alysa said...

What a great idea for the retreat! So much fun, you dork :) Love you!

grey rose (they/them) said...

well, you're the coolest dork i know!! :)
love the mugs, and you xo

Tia Edwards said...

Love the mugs! :) And I am super excited about the mug swap for retreat :)

Leslie @ top of the page said...

very cute. :) i didnt participate in the swap, though i felt like a dork because everyone else was. just needing to say no to something, ya know? but it looked fun. also i too think it is an awesome idea for a retreat!! love it.

Jenn said...

Cute mugs!! I'm so excited to do this at our retreat and to see all of the fun mugs that get exchanged!! :)

Unknown said...

It was a fun swap. I love your mugs. That idea for a white elephant mug exchange sounds really fun, I would so love to do that. Have a great week! Mica @ the Child's Paper

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