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Wednesday, March 23, 2011  ::  

Kyle and Esther taught me about grace today. Wednesday for Tucson Unified School District means early out day. I've picked up my kids every Wednesday for the past few years at 1:45.

Until today. I forgot. I was going to pick them up at 2:45 like the other days of the week. For some reason, I just completely spaced that it is in fact Wednesday.

Kyle called at 2:15 and simply said, "Where are you?" My heart instantly sank and realized my mistake.

I jumped up from my meeting and quickly (but law abidingly) drove to get him. He just smiled at me. He knew I was distraught. But he just told me it was no big deal and proceeded to tell me about his day.

Unfortunately, I was also late to pick up Esther. Kyle's school is a good 20 min drive away, so I was really going to be late to get her. She eventually called me to check and see if I had forgotten her. I explained, she chuckled, and said, "See you soon."

When I arrived at her school, she smiled. I profusely apologized and felt like a loser mom. She said, "It's ok, Mom. Don't worry about it!"

She and Kyle moved on very quickly.

Here's the thing. Moving on from my mistakes is so difficult for me, especially when I've wronged someone I love. But, seeing their faces, their sweet smiles, their kind words did something in my heart that just isn't natural to how I usually respond to my mistakes.

I moved on, too! I didn't call myself stupid, or loser mom, or make excuses. I just said, "I love you guys. Thanks for not being angry and forgiving my mistake."

Oh, that I could have that response with Jesus! I so often feel like I need to wallow in my lame-ness. I'm not talking about a healthy grief over my sin. We're talking guilt, discomfort, blame. I desire to truly listen to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, confess my sin, repent and change, and then allow his grace to bring restoration.

There are endless amounts of beautiful lessons about God I learn from my children. This was a short burst of awesomeness that happened today and I thought I would share.

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Anonymous said...

you have great kids. and thanks for pulling out those splinters. i came across 2 more :)

Anonymous said... make me smile! I could tell you that yes, your mother goofed up often!, but you already know that! Isn't it amazing how our Father takes our 'goof ups' and teaches us such wonderful truths about Him!!
Oh by the way I just thought you should know that it is such a joy in my life to watch you being such a wonderful mommy! Yes, I am very proud of you!!
I love you precious daughter and friend!

Unknown said...

When I make mistakes and/or hurt someone I love I often have that same cycle of putting myself down and internalizing the mistake. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit in me and in you who helps us hear truth and overwhelms us with His love for us!

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