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Tuesday, May 03, 2011  ::  

On Good Friday 100 beautiful Easter baskets were delivered to women across the city of Tucson.  Our giving team was met with smiles, hugs, a couple of squeals, and many sweet responses.  As always, a couple of dancers told us that our gift would be the only thing they would receive over the holiday weekend. One young girl told us she loved getting our gifts, took a pack of lip balm out of her bag and exclaimed, "BURT'S BEES!? This is really nice stuff!" Another girl expressed genuine gratitude for our faithfulness to come bring gifts to them. The owner that we've worked with the longest, thanked me again for continuing to come and "spread our message of love" to the women.

We had originally planned to take gifts to our regular destinations, three different clubs.  Each season we usually have 10-15 gifts left over, so I had decided that we would stop by a smaller club that had let us pass out gifts only one time. After the first time, they asked us not to come back citing "conflict of interest" as their excuse.  We had heard from a very reliable source that the management had changed, so with our 15 extra gifts we made the trek to the club close to the airport to ask permission once again.

Prayerfully, we walked up to the door and asked for the manager. He came out and I went into my prepared plea of wanting to give beautiful Easter gifts to the dancers in the club. He was suspicious, invited us into his office, and then asked me about our mission and purpose. We talked for awhile. I could sense that he was torn. He decided to get a second opinion and called in his partner manager into the office. When the number 2 manager walked in, number 1 briefly explained what we wanted to do and said, "What do you think?" With only a very brief pause number 2 manager said, "Sure. It sounds like a very kind, generous gesture. I don't see a problem with it." And just like that GOD granted us access to the club once again.

Let me just tell you that in the 7 years that we've been doing this, I have never seen reactions like we got in that club.  Girls were squealing with delight! They were calling their friends over to pick out a gift. Everyone was so excited and no one refused a present which sometimes happens.  It was really beautiful.  Not only did the management allow us to give gifts, but they allowed us access to the club to make sure every single women received one.  It was very successful.  I truly believe that those women felt loved and remembered.

Many of you have heard me say that we will continue to walk in obedience of loving the women in the sex industry of Tucson whether or not we see lives changed.  My fear is that because of my continual pointing to obedience that our prayers become only that of surrender to his will. Prayers of surrender are good prayers, but in this ministry we must continue to pray huge prayers for the women we love so dearly. Please, friends, continue to ask the God who loves people to draw these women to Himself.  Ask Him to give the women courage to call us or go to the dancer website we've created or even be brave enough to show up on a Sunday. Petition God to move in their hearts so they may experience freedom, love, and salvation.  Even though we walk in obedience because He is our God and our obedience shows Him we love Him, we must continue to pray huge mind-blowing prayers for the women in our city who are part of the sex industry.

Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for in the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

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SKay Fires said...

WOW! Our God IS an AWESOME GOD! Do you see me shouting? Hallelujah! So happy for this report, especially the last club. God is in control...His timing is perfect and your submission is right in line with His will. I have goose-bumps all over from reading this post. God will continue to bless and direct this ministry...I'm Believing God!

Anonymous said...

Angel this is beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. It amazing to see how God is working in our city.

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