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The summer is gone. Well, not the weather. Tucson still has a few months of summer to come. The lay around, swim, watch movies, not get dressed until noon summer is gone. This time of year is bitter sweet for me. A couple of weeks ago my kids needed school to start. They were antsy, grouchy, picking on each other, ready to see their friends. Starting school and routine equals peace and happiness. Also, I will be able to live guilt free. In the summer I often feel guilty if I leave the kids too long to work-out or work in my Second Mile job of strategizing, reading, meeting with women. I also feel guilty when I have to say no to Second Mile work because I want to spend time with my kids. It's a vicious cycle. It will be nice to order my days towards investment in others while they are at school and investment in them when they are home.

This was the first year that all four kids didn't start on the same day. I must say it felt a bit anti-climactic. Morgan and Carah started school last Thursday. Kyle and Esther started yesterday. It was strange to start in stages, but it was also good for my heart. Stages of sending my sweet kids out to the crazy world eases the tension in my heart. You can read about the first week of school stirrings of my heart in last year's first week of school post. Prayer for my family is my main role and the middle of August brings fresh intensity for each of them. As they get older, my prayers change and grow. I don't know if you realize this, but it is a crazy world that would like nothing more than to chew us up and spit us out. I pray that my kids will know they belong to Jesus, will make decisions to honor Him, and even in their deepest temptations will rely on the Spirit of God to keep them on the path towards Him.

A first week of school post would not be complete without some first day of school photos. Let me satisfy your desire to oo and ah over my big kids.

Morgan and Carah are now fourth graders! They had an enjoyable first week of school. Their only complaint so far is that it is too hot during the day! With mercy and compassion I told them to suck it up, that the weather wouldn't be changing anytime soon.  They both like their teachers and have friends in their classes. Morgan has already written a letter and made a friendship bracelet for her teacher. Carah is excited to have a man for a teacher this year. Apparently, he's very funny and keeps her attention while he's teaching his lessons.  I'm praying they completely rock fourth grade!! 

Esther is in high school, ninth grade, talking about getting her driver's license and what college she wants to attend! I'm not ashamed to admit I had a good cry when I dropped her off for her first day of high school. She reported that she had a good first day and that some teachers are going to be really hard which I think is great because she's smart and needs a challenge. Thankfully, she also made the freshman volleyball team. They made final cuts on the first day of school which, if you ask me, is totally stinky because now some kids will always remember their first day of high school as the day they got cut from the volleyball team. Lame. So glad it didn't happen to Esther!  

Kyle is in middle school, sixth grade, also talking about what college he wants to attend. On Sunday he asked if he could play games on my computer and then I caught him researching the top 100 universities in America. What in the world?!? This kid has some serious ambition. It takes a ridiculous amount of self-discipline to encourage him to dream big and go wherever God takes him. Admitting that it probably won't be near Tucson is something I'm working on. Chad optimistically says, "It will give us an excuse to travel!" Ugh. No thanks, er, I mean Absolutely!! Kyle's first day was a little less stellar than his sisters'. He had a sub for math and science, his favorite subjects. His elective class teacher only wanted to talk about math he learned in third grade and told the class she didn't want to make it too difficult so "their little brains didn't explode." I already made a phone call.  I'm also hoping today is much better than yesterday. One more bit about Kyle, when he got home from school, he set up a desk in his room, complete with office supplies, a white board for brainstorming, and surround sound classical music. It is a strange thing to parent a freaky genius.  

Even though they didn't start on the same day, I had to get all four of them together. Each year for one photo they pose tallest to shortest. We all agree that this is probably the last year with Esther in the tallest position.  Kyle may not be able to handle the fact that Carah may earn the first spot and not him. 

Oh, these kids slay my heart!! I love them so! I'm so thankful they love their parents, and I'm truly grateful they love each other! 

Praying the 2011-2012 school year is the best yet! 

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Anonymous said...

I so love these kids and your family! This post made me teary thinking of the milestones this school year brings for your family. I know Jackson told me that "the days just go by" but how did all these kids get so big??? I cried a little dropping Jack off for first grade- can't imagine what it will be like when he gets to middle school and high school!!

Susie Bishara said...

I love these beautiful kids! This post unashamedly made me cry!

SKay Fires said...

Oh, my goodness! This so reminds me of 3 other children I remember on many first days of school. It made me cry to think about you being the mother of a time flies. Amy has a freshman beginning high school too. God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are wonderful....such beautiful kiddos!! We are so proud of them....and you guys too! This is going to be an awesome year.... Love...

Wendy said...

Ooohhhh.... Ahhhhhhhh...... :) Your kids are beautiful! I admit, I am not looking forward to "back to school" My kids don't start back until after Labor day. And I am savoring every moment! Ugh.... I can not imagine having a highschooler, but I'm afraid that time will be here before I know it!

Angela DeSoto said...

My fave part of this blog entry is that you "caught" Kyle looking up too 100 universities! So funny!
Thanks for sharing your world with us. :)

Alisa said...

Aww what great photos! I like the last one best. :)

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