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A week ago I wrote a post about not feeling so great. Funk-ness had set in. So, I took last Friday and Saturday off. I mean, completely off.  No work, no meetings, no email, no phone calls, no ministry. It was glorious.

On Friday morning, I lounged, walked around Target, got an iced Chai, and planted some flowers.

I sure hope these don't die because the first batch I planted a few weeks ago didn't make it. Want to hear something cheesy? I actually prayed that God would make them grow.  I hope He helps me out in this!
 I love fresh rosemary and basil. I'm looking forward to rosemary potato soup when the weather cools off a bit more. 

On Saturday our family along with two other families headed up to Mt. Lemmon. We knew it would be significantly cooler than the city, so I couldn't wait. It was actually really cold. Forty-five degrees! For us desert rats, that is ridiculously cold. We had a picnic and good conversation. We moved around to the different sunny spots to find some warmth. The kids hiked and explored. We simply relaxed and enjoyed. 

My man and me 

My four big explorers

Esther and her cool dad

Cuddle Bugs: Being in the fresh mountain air makes everyone more loving. 

He is either pondering the deep things of life or showing off his sweet beard. 

Catching some sun trying to stay warm.

All the kids but one who wouldn't eat her lunch. Love these cuties! 

So, yes, a couple of days off is just what I needed. During the time I found clarity in four specific areas that were contributing to my heavy-heartedness. Quieting my schedule led to quietness in my heart which lead to clarity in my brain. I'm thankful that Jesus ministered so sweetly to my spirit. I hope you take time when you need to pull away, take time off, and seek God so that he can refresh your soul!  

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Wendy said...

Sound like a perfect way to rejuvenate your spirit! Glad you are feeling better. Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I speak to you flowers in the name of Jesus and command them to rise up and do what they were meant to do-grow and be happy in the sun!


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