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Tuesday, January 24, 2012  ::  

I've been struggling with what I thought was a case of writer's block. I always have something to say, but I just haven't felt motivated to write a blog. This morning the reason occurred to me.

Over the last couple of weeks, Chad and I worked really hard on writing the prayer guide for our annual week of prayer and fasting. We discussed how much of our heart and soul is poured into the guide. So, what I would normally be writing here was funneled into the booklet.

This year I feel very strongly that the Spirit  directed us as each day's topic formed. I'm praying God shows and teaches us new insights in praying for the world, our city, our church, one another. It's going to be a great week that propels us into the battle that comes with living in this world.

Many of you have heard me say this, but I believe it can't be said enough. This week is not about the week.  As a church we are getting on our knees, focusing, and asking God to do great things among us for His names' sake and His glory among all peoples.

If you don't live in Tucson, please feel free to check out the prayer guide. If you are so inclined, our church would be blessed by your prayers. Or, feel free to adapt the information for your own community.

One more thing...

Last night the women of our church gathered to pray. Thirty-five women showed up. I was floored. And excited. And humbled. To think how much we've grown since our beginnings seven years ago.... oh, it stirs such gratitude in my heart! Thank you for coming, friends. I'm praying for all of you (and for those who couldn't make it) this week.  As I often pray, I'm asking God to teach you great and unsearchable things that you don't yet know about how great He really is! (Jer 33:3)

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grey rose (they/them) said...

beautiful. the guide is amazing. i WILL use it, so thanks! praying that YOUR praying is a blessing this week, friend.

love you.

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