Spring Break Twin Fun

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Having kids on different school calendars has its pros and cons. One con is two kids have different breaks from school than the other two kids. One pro is that two kids have different breaks from the other two kids. Planning a cool trip or fun outing with all four kids would be practical and inclusive. However, three days with just Morgan and Carah has been just what the three of us needed.

Little did they know this week I planned to have "the talk" with them. Kyle and Esther heard some of the mind blowing information in third grade, but for some reason I didn't feel like Morgan and Carah were ready last year. Fourth grade would be the year for them to hear all the goodness.  

My friend, Angela, has asked me to write some parenting blogs. Thank you, Angela, for trusting my parenting skills enough to ask me to write about them. I'm actually excited to share some lessons I've learned over the last 15 years. Hopefully, some of you can glean something helpful to put in your parenting pocket. However, this is not one of those posts. You will have to wait to hear my ideas for spilling the bodies changing, emotions run wild, where babies come from beans. 

What I want to share with you is that I'm completely blessed by my beautiful twin daughters, Morgan and Carah. When I found out I was pregnant with twins (at my 20 week sonogram because my doctor was a ninny) I burst into tears because the thought terrified me. I only wanted three kids. I was convinced I wasn't a good enough mom to have four. I was certain my capacity would be stretched beyond reason and my kids would be left to fend for themselves. Sounds dramatic, yes? The drama in my heart consumed me for two weeks. I cried and prayed and then decided, "Hey, this could actually be kind of fun! Oh, and I should probably trust Jesus since He knows what He's doing." 

Life without Morgan or Carah would be wrong. I need both of them. They each fill their own role in our family beautifully. It has been an honor parenting them this far. 

We celebrated spring break by eating Easter cupcakes from Mini's Cupcakes. Two German chocolate cakes and one coconut rum cake. 

Happy are we! 

Sweet Morgan

Sweet Carah

After eating cupcakes we went to water the Seeds Community Center garden at Howell Elementary School. Seeing how the plants were growing provided a good topic of conversation.  

Time with just Morgan and Carah this week has been life-giving and rejuvenating. Kyle and Esther get to join us for a break from school the rest of this week. I know we will all enjoy time together celebrating Easter. 

Have you had quality time with someone you love lately? What did you do? Do you have special plans for Easter weekend? How will you celebrate with people you love? 

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Katie May McKenna said...

Precious girls! And yes, having kids on two different school schedules sounds crazy! I'm so not ready to be there yet :-)

I enjoyed reading your post! Happy Easter Week! Grace and Peace.

Mommy Girl said...

lovely time with the little ladies!~ Those cupcakes look amazing!

grey rose (they/them) said...

such precious time with your family. love this! hope the talks went well. :)

Carol said...

Looks like a wonderful time with two sweet girls. I would love to get to see Arizona this time of year - I am sure it is completely different than Arkansas!

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