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Tuesday, June 05, 2012  ::  

After this post I'm sticking to a few lighter topics. I'll be rolling out the not lighter blogs in the days to come. I know you're super excited about that.

Today it's all about cake and ice cream and Pinterest. Many of you have heard me say that I'm determined not to be a pin hoarder. It cracks me up when I see a pinner that has 18,000 pins. I think, "Really? You have plans for 18,000 projects?" I know. I'm so judgmental.

I shared with you that I've turned over a new leaf in eating and health. With that, I decided it was a good idea to find some safe recipes for the sweet tooth that attacks our family on occasion.

This cake is good AND easy. Double bonus.

Take one devils food cake mix, add one cup of greek yogurt and one cup of water. Mix it all up, and bake according to the box directions. We topped ours with strawberries that had been macerated in just a tiny bit of sugar. Dee-lish!

A couple of days ago I had some bananas that weren't quite ready for bread, but were also too ripe to eat. I'm a picky banana eater. I remembered this gem of a pin and decided to prep the bananas to make some "ice cream." Oh my goodness. Chad and I are amazed at how good this stuff is. You really should try it.

I'll just let you click on the picture to go straight to the blog where this recipe originated, but let me tell you, it is legit. I was only able to eat half of mine, but then I realized I was eating bananas and not real ice cream and that's why I was filling up so fast. In my chubbier days I could eat a gigantic bowl full of ice cream with chocolate and peanuts and not think twice. Good times.  Have I mentioned to you how much better I feel? 

I'll share one more pin of some awesome blue nail polish that my friend, Tia, gave me for my birthday. She is so smart because she snoops around on people's pin boards to discover gifts to give that people really want. She's a wonderful gift giver. I took a picture of my cool blue summer toes to post and then realized I don't really like feet photos. No feet pictures from me, friends. I'll just add the pinned picture. I'm not quite brave enough to show the world my crooked toes. 

Do you have any recipes or pins you could share with us? What is one project you hope to complete over the summer? Are you a Pinterest pin hoarder or are you using what you find? Let me encourage you to try something new this week. It's fun!

I would love to hear about your experiments...successful, funny, and not so delightful stories are welcome!

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Sarah Ling said...

Now that I know those two pins were good, I'm definitely going to try them!

I guess you could say that I horde my pins sometimes. But from an artist perspective, I normally look at it as a place to get inspired. I don't always intend to make everything I pin.

I'm so happy to have it as a tool for inspiration. Sometimes I wonder what I did without it! It's come in handy so many times!

Tia Edwards said...

So glad that you like your nail polish, Angel! :)

I can vouch for both of the above recipes----the cake is delish and my family loved the banana ice cream!

I so love Pinterest. (Thanks for suggesting I try it out last fall, Angel!) ;) Although I haven't used all of my pins, it has definitely been a source of great inspiration and a spring board for some fun projects.

Emily said...

I've been meaning to try that banana ice cream. You know, for my family's ice cream addiction. Glad to hear from a reputable source that it really does taste good.

I'm loving Pinterest even more now that I can dream of a house! So many things to dream of decorating. :)

Emily Stevenson said...

GREAT IDEA! Thank you so much for posting this idea for using greek yogurt in a sweet treat! I absolutely can't wait to try it! I blog about family togetherness, especially in the kitchen at: http://forevertogetherfamily.blogspot.com/ and about cool, simple, high'ish protein vegetarian dishes at: http://thelivelyvegetarian.blogspot.com/

I greatly appreciate you sharing this recipe, as well as your keen insights on parenting. I also have an "older" kid, along with an 8 month old baby. Raising them given the dichotomy in their age range poses some challenges, but is totally outweighed by the moments of unstoppable laughter!

Thank you for what you do and for a reminder of what is truly important in life. :)

Take care,

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