Mugs and Smiles

Thursday, October 18, 2012  ::  

On Friday night of each Retreat de Moxie, we enjoy "organized laughing time." Our thought has been to plan intentional time to relax, laugh, be goofy, and get to know one another through whatever torture craziness my good/weird/uninhibited friends, Sara and Angela, asked us to do. Two years in a row they  invited us to choreograph dances to their "fantastic" music selections using strange props. This may not sound fun to you and I will admit the two minutes of stage time with your own group is long and painful. However, the twenty minutes of watching the other groups dance is pure awesomeness. 

Unfortunately, Sara and Angela were unable to join us on retreat this year. In efforts of sparing someone the awkwardness of trying to live up to their antics, we opted for a change in events. 

This summer Kim hosted a mug swap and I thought it would be great fun to engage in a swap with my Moxie friends. 

Weird dance party averted and everyone got a new mug! 

By the way, no one every complained about the group dance-off. Every one always participated. And, we all laughed until our sides hurt. There's just something about watching grown women dance funkily with light sabors and baby dolls that is so funny. Or, maybe I just lead a very weird group of women. I'm totally ok with that. 

Here are some highlights from our swap: 

All the mugs in brown bags with no names to increase curiosity. Perfect.  

 47 women getting ready to open their own brown bag or steal a mug from someone else

 Our awesome facilitator. Jenn teaches 4th grade gifted and talented students. She is intelligent and goofy just like her pupils.  

Jenn planned a few extra credit activities for people to earn additional prizes. Erin happily and actively (hence the lack of focus) performed "I'm a little teapot." Jenn did you ever give Erin her alternative prize? She earned it. 

There were several comments made about the creepiness of this particular mug. I, however, think it is unique and vintage-y. It's really more of a dainty cup than a mug. Alisa just moved away on an excellent adventure this week. Alisa, I hope you took your cute cup. 

Happy we didn't have to dance and swapped mugs with friends instead

Perfect for a teacher Jenn because sometimes she does quirky stuff that makes you tilt your head and say, "What?"

We went to retreat with 47 women and headed home with 47 women and one baby. A sweet baby girl decided she was ready to see the world a few weeks early! This text sums it up beautifully! 

I shamelessly swiped some of these photos from Janice, Jenn, and Tori. Thanks, friends. 

So, would you rather have a dance-off or swap mugs? Do you think Alisa's mug is cute or creepy? Are you willing to admit if you brought it? Do you have any ideas for the night of laughter for next year's retreat? Please share! 

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Unknown said...

Love this cute swap idea!! The mug with the face is mostly cute, and only slightly creepy!

Angela DeSoto said...

I can't wait until I can participate in a mug swap! So at this point I'd choose this over dancing ;). Great blog post!

Emily said...

I loved the mug swap, but that could be because I especially loved the mug I left with. (My strategy was to steal a mug I liked and not risk opening something I couldn't see). If we do a swap next year, I vote scarves.

Alisa's mug was only creepy if you saw it unexpectedly. But any inanimate object with a face fits in that category. :)

Angela DeSoto said...

I can't wait until I can participate in a mug swap! So at this point I'd choose this over dancing ;). Great blog post!

Anonymous said...

I love this!! I espically love the 'winking' teacup..... so 'Alice in Wonderlandish'!! (bet you knew I would really love that one!! LOL) And a cool! The Lord smiled a lot that weekend!!

Alisa said...

Oh don't you worry, I have plans for the winking cup to stay in the 2M community for a looong time :)

April Englehart said...

Luv it! Only...wish I could join!

Tori Einstein said...

That was such a fun night! My vote is that this becomes a retreat tradition. Not that I don't love dancing and making a fool of myself. :)

{cuppakim} said...

I just saw this!!!! What an awesome result!!! Mugs annnnnd a baby!!! I love that you took the idea and adapted it!!! I definitely feel like I need an event to do this with ;)

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