Embrace My Mom

Thursday, May 05, 2011  ::  

Let's just say I was probably a difficult kid to raise.  I was pretty rebellious, very opinionated, and extremely independent.  I had moments of extreme joy and incredible despair. My mom walked with me through so much. I'm so grateful for my mom!  Happy Mother's Day!!

P.S. Mom, you don't need to reply with a mushy comment.  If you absolutely need to, just send me a text.  ;)  

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makana hansen said...

visiting from embrace the camera:
I think that we should have mothers day more than once a year ya'know? Moms really are the best.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Angel....is that 'non-mushy' enough?!? :) I love you....

Anonymous said...

oh i'm so excited to see my mom on Sunday. i'm making her little tea cakes, and punch and light lunch munchies!

Wendy said...

Great picture and Happy mothers day to you!

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