Whose Race Do I Run?

Monday, October 31, 2011  ::  

True confession: Sometimes I get trapped in Comparison-ville.

It's true.

"Her kitchen is so pretty."

"That lady has the most amazing figure. I wonder how much she works-out. Oh great. She's probably a runner and I hate to run."

"I will never be able to fix my hair as well as she does."

Deeper still? 

"Her blog is amazing."

"How in the world did she gain so many followers so fast and how can I do that?"

"Of course she's guest blogging again. She's the guest blogger of the universe."

"Her pictures are perfect. Her kids are perfect. Her hair is perfect. She must be perfect."

Deeper still? 

"I must have sounded like an idiot when I prayed out loud just now."

"I wish I knew as much about the Bible as she knows."

"I should write some more profound stuff about God on my blog to keep up with all the other amazing bloggers in the entire world."

Ick. For reals. 

Lately, I've had to confess to Jesus the comparison in my heart. I've asked him to remind me of the roles of leadership he has given me and to increase the joy and delight in my heart as I serve Him.

On Saturday, I was having breakfast with a few friends and talked to them about how strange it is that I have 71 followers. A couple of them told me they always read my blog but they weren't official followers. I jokingly said, "Come on! Sign up!" Another friend asked why they needed to if they already read it regularly. I replied, "You don't. It's just to make me feel good." We all had a nice laugh.

In terms of the blog world, I started this blog to have more influence in the lives of the women of Moxie. Through my blog I'm able to communicate with the women of my church through a very convenient and frequent venue. I did not foresee that I would gain followers outside of my local ministry. To be honest, it's pretty cool. I enjoy reading and following other blogs. Of course I welcome more followers, I just want to make sure my motives are to glorify Jesus only.

Not myself.     Not my family.     Not Moxie.  

My encouragement and joy comes as I look to Jesus to find my significance, purpose, and contentment. Whether you are a blogger or not, wherever you have influence...school, job, home, the gym, the market...let's commit to one another to run our own race without comparison to the glory of Christ alone. Sound good? 

11 important comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Angela DeSoto said...

Can you please repost this blog every couple of months? I'm being serious. It's SUCH a good and humbling reminder, and we women can so easily forget this.
I appreciate your vulnerability, as always. You are a pretty great gal, for so many reasons, but especially because of the example you live to honor God in and through ALL you do. So, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so guilty of playing the comparison game as well.

This was a great reminder to me!!

ashley marie wilson said...

wow...very deep and real comparison examples. beautiful. you have another follower ;)

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Amen! I needed to hear this today! Thank you :)

Jessica said...

such a scary place to be when we're looking at others and not God. i've been there too many times! thanks for being so honest.

Jen Griffith said...

I agree with Angela, such a great reminder and something I've been facing recently! You spoke right to my heart, thank you for being real!!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

just recently memorized heb 12:1-2 and have been thinking DAILY about how many times i need to FIX MY EYES on Jesus. it is so critical to my peace and identity. great post.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an official follower either, but you know I'm one of your biggest fans. :) I've been thinking about you a lot lately and have been so grateful that you are blogging. Love seeing pictures of your beautiful family . . . and especially the BEARD on Chad! Tell him I said it is sweet.
Miss you friend,

grey rose (they/them) said...

angel! thank you! your heart here is a blessing. so thankful for your honesty and sharing. running with you...my own race! xo

Lora said...

i completely understand what you've been feeling and thinking! i am so grateful to God that He loves us all individually and completely. He wants us to be our unique and beautiful selves! what a relief! what freedom!

Rachel said...

Totally echo the words of Angela above. God challenges me on this regularly and he has to...I just fall into the same bad habits again and again and again.

Thanks for your encouragement and humility.

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