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Thursday, August 16, 2012  ::  

Roswell, New Mexico July 4th week
Time with my family 

Archery lessons for the whole clan. 

Looks like trouble! Kyle with his cousins, Mark and Luke. 

I love this shot! 

Meeting their new sweet baby cousin. 

Every time we visit my parents home Grandma and Grandkids have a prank war. Usually Grandma wins because she is very mischievous. This year the kids ran her granny panties up the flag pole, marched out, and saluted. My mom laughed so hard. They won! But, I have a feeling she will have some witty revenge up her sleeve for our next visit. Grandkids probably can't outwit Grandma. 

Do these kids look like the kind of kids that would run their sweet old grandma's undies up a flag pole? 

My brothers! I love these guys so much! 

My proud parents with all their grandkids

The whole family trying to act like we are a dignified bunch. 

This photo is a bit more accurate. 

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Anonymous said...

We love having fun!!.... don't we!!?! I am feeling really blessed through this 'memory lane'!! Thanks Angel.... xoxoxo

Unknown said...

These are great!!

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