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Last year when I turned 39, I wrote a post titled Reflecting on the Nines. As I re-read it I got a little choked up. I wrote, "As I've thought about age and reflected through the years of my life, I realized the nines have each ushered in significant seasons of difficulty, change, and growth." Whoa. If you have read anything on this blog in the last year, you know that age 39 completely lived up to that prophetic sentence. 

Interestingly enough, the year began with me being healthier than I had been in my adult life. I was insanely strong from my Insanity workouts. I was eating healthier than I had ever eaten in my life. I had lost a significant amount of weight. Higher than a kite, I thought I would enter my 40s on the tallest parade float with a noisy brass band leading the way. 

But then you know what happened. I went from the healthiest time in my life to a major health change just moments before teaching my spin class. 

Well, guess what! I'm still going to kick 40 in the derriere! I've learned beautiful, profound, life changing, character refining lessons that I trust God will use to guide me along the parade route. I've always said I didn't want to coast through life on puffed up head knowledge, so I figure God is simply providing ways for me to put my money where my mouth is!  

Now for a little fun. Walk with me down memory lane... 

One year old. It doesn't look like I'm interested in getting myself all up in that cake. I've always been so proper. 

See! I told you! A proper little first grade beauty queen. I still have this sweet little dress hanging in my closet. My mom made it for me. I thought it was the most lovely twirly dress in the world.

Oh yeah. I know you are digging that hair! This is one thing I would change. No, not the hair. That is fabulous 1989 hair. I would ditch the cheerleader gig and do something less controversial and enemy causing like play volleyball or study for Algebra. But, no regrets. If I hadn't been a cheerleader how would I have ever learn to clap my hands and move my arms in sync with a group of girls? 

My red shorts outfit is almost as awesome as my mom's 70s hair! 

But my dad wins the award for best hair in this blog post. I seriously love that he is hunting while carrying me in a back pack. 

I love this photo so much. My parents were pretty hip. 

Doesn't my dad look happy to be awake? 

Most of you know it is an understatement to say I'm not an animal lover. The three monsters in this picture are a huge part of my disdain towards pets. Those dogs were obnoxious. I stepped in their poop more than any teenage girl should have ever had to bear. That cat? From Satan. (Sorry, Mom.) 

My cutie brother Joe. He would stand and yell, "JAN-GEL! COME PLAY WITH ME!" 

My cutie brother Tom. I'm rocking a very spectacular outfit. That is a gen-u-ine Guess t-shirt and my army green pants are tight rolled to perfection. My red Swatch is a nice little pop of color. You can tell I'm awesome because Tom looks so jealous that he isn't as cool as me! 

My dad took this picture. We were in our favorite town (San Angelo, Texas) at our favorite park. Happy, happy times. 

That's all for today, folks. I've got a few more embarrassing photos to post tomorrow. I do enjoy letting you have a glimpse into my back story. It helps give context and perspective, don't ya think?

Also, thanks for letting me get all sappy about turning 40. You guys really are making it a lot more fun for me.

So, what was your favorite picture? Which one made you laugh the most? Which one do you think I shouldn't have posted?

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Angela DeSoto said...

I love these pictures, they are ADORABLE! My fave was the one where your dad is holding a gun AND you..haha! Thanks for sharing these. :)

Susie Bishara said...

These are awesome! My favorite is the portrait of you and your parents, so beautiful and classic! --Susie

Erin Fabry said...

These pictures are priceless. Thanks for sharing! They are all adorable, but I have to say that time has been good to you. You've never looked better :). Happy, happy birthday!

Monique said...

LOVE all the pictures and your super witty commentary...seriously Angel you are hilarious.
My favorite pic though I think was you and your siblings with your Dad---you've got the best silly face :)

Anonymous said...

Great family memories... and I really love your commentary (seriously!).... I always wondered what you were 'actually' thinking! LOL We have been blessed, over and over and over again! Happy Birthday my silly daughter! :) xoxo

SKay Fires said...

LOVE this adventure down memory lane. Should I be motivated to find some classic Shaffer family pictures in my Fires Family album? We shared so many good times in 4H and FBC children and youth activities. Thanks for sharing the pics and the commentary is priceless. Wish we could all be together to celebrate with you, but you are probably thankful we won't be able to share our memories with your friends at your celebration. It would give them a whole new perspective of Angel. Love YOU! Happy 40th birthday!

Unknown said...
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Jenn said...

This is awesome!! I've so enjoyed pouring over your kids photo albums over the years, but it's such fun to get a glimpse into the years before I met you! The pic of your dad taking you hunting is my, the one with the green rolled pants is my fav...wait, oh goodnes! I love them all!!!

Thanks so much for sharing these!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

The one of you in the dress looks like Morgan!!!! Seriously.....I had to do a double take!

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