Merriment Recap Part One

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Several people have asked Chad and me how we came up with the idea of having a masquerade party. The answer is fairly anticlimactic. I told Chad several years ago I wanted to have a big 40th birthday bash. We had a few conversations about how we should celebrate, but the real break through idea happened a few months ago. As we wandered around Pier One we happened upon a rack of beautiful venetian masquerade masks. As we played with them, I casually stated, "Maybe we should have a masquerade ball for my 40th." Chad's eyes widened and I knew he would take the idea and run.

Chad is, shall we say, a bit more extravagant than me. I describe myself as very practical. I buy practical clothes. I make practical meals. Advice I give is usually very practical. I usually don't have room in my life for fluff or grandeur. I'm practical to a fault.

Not so with Chad. 

He dresses to impress. He can command the attention of the room if necessary and he can sit back, observe, and relax if necessary. He gives huge gifts and he is willing to spend money on our family just for the sake of having fun (responsibly, of course.) In fact, I just remembered, when we were first married I had a $25 limit on what I would spend on shoes for myself. He talked me into trying on some sweet Nike running shoes that were 75 whole dollars. I freaked out and refused to buy them. One of the things that attracts me most to Chad is he is more strong-willed than me, doesn't let me push him around, and shows great compassion and concern in caring for me. He bought the shoes for me that day. He's been doing crazy stuff like that for me for the last almost 18 years. 

I knew the masquerade party was going to be extravagant as soon as I realized he was serious about making it happen. My imagination couldn't have recreated anything comparable to what he planned and facilitated on a lovely Friday night in April. Naturally, he couldn't have pulled this off alone. He had a detail list maker/errand runner friend, decorators, a food planner, a invitation designer, light stringers, table and chair arrangers, and various other types of helpers. One comment he made to me has come to my mind and heart many times over the last two weeks. He said, "It was easy to recruit help for your party because so many people love you." I truly felt the love from my beautiful friends and amazing husband. I cannot thank you all enough for helping Chad pull off the most amazing, lovely, enchanting birthday party! 

The details of the evening were exquisite.
photo by Blake S.
It was so hard for me to decide which path to take to the party. 
photo by Jamie S.
Beautiful decorations! Sarah and Emily are so very creative, artistic, and classy. 

The food was delicious. We had three separate buffet areas, a taco bar, veggies and hummus, chips and salsa bar, and a fruit and dessert bar. I could have eaten all night, but I was quickly distracted by hugging sweet friends and dancing with my sweet hubby. 

And pretty Trader Joe's beverages. This little detail meant so much to me because these bottles of Italian Soda (TJ's sparkling lemonade not shown) are the opposite of practical. It added a special touch of class. 

Our Disguises 
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Oh my. I think these kids are awesome. They each checked in with me throughout the evening to ask if I was having fun and if I was feeling ok. They see the ins and outs of the effects of my stroke, so they were very concerned that I would overdo it during the party. Allowing them to care for me over the last eight months because of my health has been an interesting learning curve for me. They each show tenderness in very different and beautiful ways. I adore them and I think they adore me. 

Chad and I love to dance together. We both grew up country dancing, so we are fairly proficient. Also, we've been dancing together since 1991. We went to an agriculture university in the early 90s. The school sponsored country dances regularly. To tattle on Chad a little bit, he would only dance with five different girls because "why would I pay $10 to go dance with girls that
don't know how to dance?!" Whew. Glad I made the final cut and beat out the other four ladies. 

We have so much fun together! 

Sadly, there are two photos I did not make sure were taken. One, a full family photo. Chad was very busy being the ultimate host and I was enjoying the party and spaced it. Lame. Two, I didn't take a full length photo of my outfit. Lame. And seriously, when will I ever wear this fanciness again? So this is the closest thing I have to the whole look. Let me just say, those shoes are awesome. 

Everything about him makes me smile. 

Cheesing it up in the photo booth. That's right. We had a photo booth. The very talented Laura K. Moore gifted us this fun party detail. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are her fancy work. 

I think we make a good couple even with our faces masked. 

I shared in this blog post one of the reasons I was excited to have this party. If you were able to come, thank you. I can't express how your hugs, your smiles, your amazing verbalized words, and your beautifully written words filled my heart. I couldn't go to sleep after the party because my mind was playing the enchanting images over and over and over. It was the perfect way to kick off my forties!

Chad, your extravagant love for me humbles me, nourishes me, challenges me. You do such an amazing job serving and leading me and our kids. I'm so glad others were able to witness so tangibly through this party how much you honor me. I don't think most people know how much work and planning went into this because you never complained about how much you were doing or had to do. But, that is true of your whole life. Your integrity to put your hand to the plow and work hard inspires me. I love that others are seeing more and more what an amazing guy you are. Thank you for the best Angel's 40th Masquerade Merriment! If the whole pastor thing doesn't work out, maybe you can be a party planner?

Ok. For those of you gagging over my mushiness, you can breathe now. Also, the whole Pastor Chad thing is working out just fine. No worries there.

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Angela DeSoto said... curled your own hair, and it looked beautiful! ;) We had SO much fun last Friday and I wish we could do it again.
I'm so glad you were celebrated extravagantly!
Love you!

Jenn said...

It was a fabulous party and the best part was we got to celebrate you!! Love you!!

Laura K. Moore said...

Best fun i have had with church family. hands down. to see the lavish love for you...spilling over all night. and you BEAMING and letting us love you--you looked beautiful and Chad did a FANTAStIC job!

Wendy said...

It looks like a fabulous party for a FAB-U-LOUS Lady!!!

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