Insights into Conversation

Tuesday, February 15, 2011  ::  

Reasons why I (and Chad too) like to be with people who talk deeply about many different topics:
  • Other people's ideas stimulate more ideas in my head.
  • Vision is often refined through strategic conversation.
  • New ways of saying the same old thing brings clarity in keeping or throwing out the same old things.
  • Deep talk often leads to deep laughter.
  • People's real life stories are often told in the context of long meaningful conversation.
  • Books I've never heard of are often suggested reads when others share ideas.
  • Meaningful conversation is never about teaching something to someone, or elevating yourself over the others in the room. It is mutual, eye to eye, brain to brain, heart to heart conversation.
  • People who are asking good questions and genuinely listening to the answers can have great insight into your life. Moreover, good conversation is never one-sided, only one person sharing their heart.
  • People are diverse, see the world differently, process information through their intellect or their emotions. Conversing with people who have similar passions as you, but see the world differently takes you to deeper places in your own way of seeing the world. Change in your own life is a wonderful part of conversation.
  • Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, loving, mutual, authentic conversation is life-giving.
  • Good conversation moves beyond the weather, politics, gossip about others, or awkward lulls. Topics of real life flow gracefully.

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