A rant from a frustrated prophet

Thursday, February 10, 2011  ::  

Do you want to know what really bugs me? People who are followers of Jesus that complain about the church but seemingly do nothing to help build the church. It drives me absolutely CRAZY! I get so sick of hearing how the church has failed a believer or how they disagree with the leaders or whatever complaint a person has to proclaim. My question is, "What are you doing to love people, serve Jesus, give to others, discover your passions, help out??"

That is all. :)

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Tori Einstein said...

All I can say is AGREED!

Alisa said...

I know! I'm just to non-confrontational to tell people that.

Duile, I like those little insights about yourself that you added to your site! You and Chad are so adorable.

Alisa said...

P.S. Today I was at Campus Health, and they have magnets and stickers all over that say "Stop the FAT talk." It's to remind and encourage women to stop beating themselves up and to instead start working out or be happy with their body. It kind of reminds me of what you are talking about.

Angel said...

I should get one of those magnets as a reminder. I think it is so much easier for people to complain than actually do something to help change what they are complaining about.

And I'm glad you like Chad and me. ;)

Unknown said...

I couldn't have said it better myself!!!!

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