Mr. Smarty Pants

Tuesday, February 22, 2011  ::  

I took Kyle to an orientation at the Middle School he hopes to attend. He has been accepted into the full-inclusion gifted and talented program through our district. There are three different middle schools in our district that have this program. (Please stop here and pray a little prayer that he gets into Vail.) The night was full of excited nerdiness. The sixth graders planned and performed a flash mob dance to Thriller. The jazz band played several great tunes. The math/science students performed a drama about the abstract and quantitative qualities of a banana. They ended their time by singing about what they learned about bananas to the tune of Monster Mash. Let me just tell you they learned some pretty impressive things!

Kyle sat with some of his fifth grade classmates through most of the evening. Watching him gave me more insights into who he his. Yes, he's well-rounded, has decent social skills, seems pretty normal, but in that setting he is totally free to completely geek out. He and his friends didn't think one thing was weird. They kept smiling and looking at each other, talking about how cool everything was. At one point the teacher told the students that they would be able to take Algebra 1 as seventh graders and Geometry as eighth graders giving them two high school credits. I thought he and his classmates were going to squirm out of their seats. His giddiness was making me giddy!

On the way home he talked and talked and talked about all the areas he hoped to study, friends he planned to make, and ways he hoped to conquer the world. It was truly inspiring and incredible. I once asked my friend, John W. who is also a Mr. Smarty Pants when he knew he was smarter than his mom. I think he was being generous to me because he said when he was around 18. It definitely won't be long before Kyle knows the truth.

Kyle as a 7 year old! He's always been goofy! (Like his dad)
What can I say? He's well-rounded!
And somewhat or a lot cocky.
What a great kid! I think he's handsome. (Like his dad)
I can't imagine the incredible things in store for him.
It's going to be amazing to watch and pray!

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Dreamer said...

Angel thank you so much for sharing this! Kyle is a great kid. He is so much fun to talk to. I know several of his friends and can totally see them sitting there almost jumping out of their seat from excitment. I will pray he gets into Vail.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is a smarty pants...but a super terrific, absolutely wonderful, amazing grandson....if I might say so myself!! We are blessed to have Kyle as one of our marvelous grandsons!! It will be fun watching him explore the world...God has an exciting plan for him!
We love you Kyle!!!! (here are some of those smooshy, gooshy kisses for you...xoxoxoox)
Way to go Fantastic Mom and Dad...good job!
Grandma (and Grandpa too!!) :)

Susie Bishara said...

It has been such a pleasure getting to know him over the past year! He is so so smart!I can't wait to see where his potential, the support of his family and God takes him in his life journey!

Jenn said...

Love him--and all his geeky ways!

Alisa said...

Kyle's a charmer!

Shawna said...

Love the pic of him playing the piano in baseball gear! definitely well rounded

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