Merriment Recap Part Two

Friday, April 26, 2013  ::  

There were too many great photos to post all in yesterday's blog post. It would be almost wrong for someone to miss a great photo only because too many were grouped together. Chad has been guest speaking at a church in town that is looking for a new pastor. One of his illustrations this past Sunday was the difference between men and women when looking through photo albums. He said women are slow and pour over every picture, and men quickly flip through. He mentioned that when he and I look at photos together it takes me too long and he loses interest and then, right in the middle of his message, he called me out and said it was because I struggle with pride in the form of vanity.  Hahaha! It wasn't actually that blunt, but it was pretty darn funny. I've teased him about it plenty this week in our home and now I'm teasing him publicly on my blog. Who's vain now? (heehee) 

These are some of my favorites from the party. I hope you enjoy them, too. 

Our smallish church is blessed to have several very talented graphic designers. John W. has been part of my family for about 13 years. He gets me and I always love his art. Chad commissioned him to design this lovely invitation. Thanks, John. Great job as always! 

Because I'm a cool and hip 40 year old, we had to have an instagram hash tag. 

My good friend, Jamie, came in all the way from Virginia right in the middle of her semester. And, it's a good thing she did because this photo is awesome! 
jamie's photo (and one of my favorites)
Oh, the cuteness slays me! 

Little Miss L wasn't the youngest attendee, but she was the youngest masked attendee! 
blake's photo
Brad couldn't decide if he was classy or sassy so he just took the whole sign. Or he was helping clean up. I'll let you decide. 

My Morgan looks so mysterious and lovely.
jamie's photo
I think Carah may land in the sassy category, but sassy as in lively and spirited, of course. 

This lovely lady's smile can light up an entire room! 

Erin is what I like to call a "party sustainer." She is theatrical, hilarious, and can entertain like nobody's business. And then, put a mask on her? Watch out! She will captivate you with those eyes. 

Sassy, sassy, and sassy. These girls really know how to ham it up. I think I need some lessons. Fyi, Laura K. Moore is the one in the middle. She's the one who took all these lovely photos. Except this one, of course. Maybe her husband took it? 

Chad and his amazing party planning assistant, Tori, came up with a How Well Do You Know Angel quiz. I've caught a bit of flack about this quiz. Apparently, I don't tell you all enough random factoids about myself. For what it's worth, Chad got number four wrong, too. 

Now is your chance to ask me any random question for which you would like to know the answer. I am an open fact book. Can you think of one? Ask away! 

Thanks again for celebrating my birthday with me, even if it is just through reading these blog posts. I plan to write more on the significance of turning 40 for me very soon. I'm in a wonderful, unknown, and interesting life transition. I'm looking forward to unpacking it with you! 

5 important comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Jonathan Louie said...

From the music guy - What was your first CD err... tape?

Angela DeSoto said...

I'm loving these birthday blogs! And can I just say (after seeing Jonathan's comment above) that the music at your party couldn't have been better. Jonathan nailed it!

Prairie Momma said...

Just wonderful!!! Happy 40th, and may you have so many more wonderful years serving GOD and your family. I loved all the family photos (your folks were very hip - Bill hasn't changed a bit!!) I also love seeing that you have a husband that makes you smile and laugh. You are a blessed woman, and it makes my heart sing knowing one of my favorite girls is so loved and happy.

Angel said...

Jonathan was an amazing DJ! Thanks for all your hard work, friend! The music was perfect.

I received my first tapes in 5th grade: Michael Jackson's Thriller and a Reba McEntire tape...they were like, totally awesome.

Susie Bishara said...

LOVED these posts! Thanks for sharing!

What was your favorite cereal to eat as a child?

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